walking while black : michael brown

LDizzle > Pokey the Bandit • 6 hours ago

But we know this cop killed this kid…this isn’t a case of being ‘falsely accused’
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desertguardsman > LDizzle • 5 hours ago

Obviously the officer felt that his life was endangered by this kid. There is way more to this story than is being told and right now everything is one sided – a story that I don’t give any credibility to.
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wiseoldsnail > desertguardsman • a few seconds ago

he’s a murderer . he should feel afraid for the rest of his life

there is almost nothing more to this story

cop abusively addresses two young men … boys really … for walking in the street while black

even if the boys committed theft, as accused, pulling a gun on them is illegal

boys shrug him off, as they’re about to arrive at their destination

cop becomes (instantly? steroidally?) enraged, and abruptly and violently opens his door into the boys, making it bounce back toward him (assaulting the boys with his car door, door assaulting him on the rebound … is this how his face got hurt?)

even more enraged, cop chooses to attempt to pull one of the boys into the car by his neck

likely that boy … young man … michael brown, struggled in self-defense, while being illegally strangled and assaulted by this cop, as the cop attempted to kidnap him

cop becomes more enraged at young mister brown’s attempts to resist being kidnapped, pulls out his gun and points it at the young man, who, up ’til now still has not committed any arrestable offense recognized by the world of law

about this time, possibly the young man, in self-defense, attempts to either push away or take the gun, to save his own life from murder by cop (i don’t actually believe this . this is gratuitous surmising in response to the cop’s claim that brown tried to take his weapon) . in fact, the cop originally lied and reported that the boys were ‘suspects’ having supposedly (finally a police report … any proof?) robbed a nearby store

really what happened at this time, and another possible explanation as to how the officer got ‘swelling in his face’ (if it wasn’t from banging his face into something after the fact to ‘prove’ he had an excuse to put ten bullets into a young man for walking while black) is that the officer darren wilson fired his weapon from within the cruiser, from very near to his own face … AT the young man who had dared to walk in the street while black

then, the two young man hightailed it out of there, attempting to escape someone who was quite apparently trying to kill them

the cop chose to chase and shoot some more

when his victim had already been shot and already stopped running, with hands in the air, the officer darren wilson executed him for putting his hands in the air while black

any questions?

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