to john


the morning was so normal
the afternoon was, too
i took the day in stride
a thing i always do
then off to a good friend’s house
i rode there on my bike
just to see on the tv news
a thing i didn’t like

there was that anchor lady she was
tellin’ us the news
i didn’t think that we were gonna
end up with the blues
but your picture flashed across the screen
sadness crossed my mind
i knew she was about to say
a thing that was unkind

before that woman read her story
tears came to my eyes
then she read the words before her
john lennon dies

john lennon dies

at the mercy
of a man without a cause

he called your name
then he shot you down . now you’re gone
at the mercy of a man without a cause

he called your name
he looked you in the eye
he pulled the trigger
then he watched you die
you’ll never write another song
you’ll ask for peace no more
but at least there’s one good thing
you won’t be here for the war

even though your body’s gone
your song remains the same
we won’t forget your energy
we won’t forget your name
it’s sad the things some people do
that’s the way things are
your life her has been sacrificed
we’ve lost another star

we’ve lost another star

i guess he couldn’t stand your fame
he couldn’t let it be
he took your life on earth
but i think he set you free

i know he set you free

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