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israel is not a religious jewish state

israel is not a religious jewish state . israel operates as a terrorist organization, stealing land by brutal deadly force in direct conflict with the teachings of judaism, which describes a jewish homeland as a state of mind, and decries the use of force to steal lands . this is why many religious jews do not support the state of israel

the bible itself, far from being any true account of history, is a mythological tale of a mythological being … one who demanded sacrifices and worship …

basing any ownership or stewardship of land on the stories in a book of mythology is beyond ridiculous

most religious scholars acknowledge that there is no way to validate anything in religious books as ‘fact’

most thinking religious people acknowledge that religion is all about faith, and that their books are written as parables, not as factual history books

most thinking non-religious people recognize religion as the opiate of the masses, created by men in power to keep themselves in power

so … back to facts :::

since the creation of the state of israel, the invaders from around the world met with resistance because people were already living on these lands … or traveling through these lands … using the ‘resources’ as they saw fit

u.s. desire for control over ‘resources’ not owned by the u.s. led the u.s. to financially support the invasion in the region, to provide access to and control over the region’s resources

while many jewish people did, indeed, hope to create a peaceful and longstanding physical home for all jewish people, they did not take into account the fact that doing so would mean taking, by force, land being already lived upon by others … arabs … palestinians … they also didn’t likely realize the willingness of power brokers to be brutal toward their neighbors, and continue for decades implementing an expansionist ideology, without concern for those who would be consumed, ie murdered, to give way for israel’s massive occupation of more and more lands over the decades

in the early agreements, contrary to claims by many zionists of today, the invading zionists formally acknowledged palestine and it’s right to exist there

today, plenty of zionists try to pretend (or are ignorant of history and actually believe) that palestine was never acknowledged and didn’t exist . based upon palestine not being a ‘formal state or country’ … they say it isn’t real

apparently, in their tiny minds, this means that palestinians aren’t real, either, so committing mass murder against them is inconsequential

the wars which occurred against israel in it’s early years were wars for the preservation of rights of pre-existing residents of the lands israel sought to occupy

all acts of violence being committed against israel now are self-defense efforts in the face of ongoing human rights violations, land invasions, home bulldozing, destruction of orchards, ‘jewish settlements’ in the palestinian west bank … by the invading israeli occupiers … supported by the criminal idf, supported, in turn, by criminal u.s. funding of israel

it is criminal for the u.s. to fund israel because israel is in possession of nuclear weapons and not in compliance with non-proliferation treaties

it is immoral for the u.s. to fund israel because israel is a bully and a criminal . but then, the u.s. is also a bully and a criminal

all posturing against iran is coming directly from israel, which wants to remain the only nuclear weapons wielding power in the region, and uses false claims of iran’s imaginary nuclear weapons building activities to excuse their calls for complete takeover of iran by way of war

while the u.s. pretends to be against nuclear weapons, against genocide, against apartheid, and against human rights violations … the u.s. calls israel an ‘ally’ because israel pretends to offer access to cheap ‘resources’ in the region . in reality, the cost of those ‘resources’, when one includes the well over 3 billion in u.s. spending on israel per year adding up to over a trillion dollars since the 1970s … is coming directly out of the mouths of hungry children and ailing elders in the u.s. … and well outweighs any value of said resources

i in no way support draconian religious beliefs and oppressive religious rule in any form . this means i do not support the catholic church, muslim extremists, christian extremists . i do not support religious or non-religious excuses for occupying people’s lands, destroying their homes (as israel is doing to palestinians and as the u.s. did to iraq) … and committing crimes against humanity (or any other life or the planet)

i do not support the use of chemical weapons
i do not support suicide bombings, nor do i support drone bombings, sniper murders, or any other aggressive use of force against peaceful people

i DO support self-defense by any means necessary

this means that i believe that the people of every region, nation, town, and family should be armed against tyranny, and should be trained in physical self-defense