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celebrating wars in darkness of night
streams of light
gunshots hidden under rip of
fires cracking
static noise making fright
empires rising
explosions surprising urban villagers
breaking silence
celebrating the menace that is war

celebrating capitalist winners
while veterans moan in alleys

capitalist swimmers drinking overpriced wines
war sinners professing love for
mythological gods
confessing lost ideas

the myth of profits
leering from lofty heights

profiteering war criminals
guards with guns
dead presidents
guards with guns
dancing on graves
dancing in tombs
of dead veterans
stomping on hearts of mothers of dismantled soldiers
dispersed by explosions
parts immersed in dust
pouring like liquid over flesh and bone

explosions rocking hearts and memories
of every traumatized soldier
post traumatic stress disability
shell shocked mothers of soldiers
mothers of children lost to street wars
fathers of every sacrificed son and daughter
wincing at every blast

drops of water salted with grief
discreetly wet the lashes of celebrants
grand parents of great warriors

the last and final shebang
followed by gunfire
celebrating the celebration with more
sounds of violence

sounds of war


take back the verdict

take back the verdict
we don’t understand your reason
take back the verdict
we don’t understand your view
take back the verdict
this decision’s worse than treason
if you don’t take back this judgement
there ain’t nothing we can do
to stop the war in l.a.
all the people are uprising
there’s war in the bay
we are certain what we saw
there’s a war on the way
every color sympathizing
reevaluate your judgement
or eliminate the law