you might think that we can take things in stride
walkin’ through the day, our heads full of pride
but this life ain’t no easy train ride
there’s work to be done
just look inside
the path that we walk, like the one in my brain
gets too hard and rocky without enough rain
your thoughts get tangled, so you cut off your mane
let the river run through you
clean out your drain
when we can feel like a fresh spring instead of a well
the residue has found a new place to dwell
been chased through the system, kicked out with a yell
the soul’s on a mission
under a spell
precision . contraction . abbreviate
leave ourselves time to experience our fate
or just enough passion to begin to create
time’s runnin’ out
might be too late
better not wait
before you know it somebody else floats off the seam
leaving wishes and memories like out of a dream
the spirit departs with a low muffled scream
it might hover
or shine like a beam
if we follow each light, every sparkle and flare
peek around corners, look in if we dare
keep our senses in focus, no brain damage stare
don’t let the spiders
camp in your hair
we might witness a change in our future or past
rearrange data, explain things at last
you can’t go dancing in a full body cast
but you can stumble from thinkin’
don’t go too fast

repeating truth is a revolutionary act
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