border song


the sun is falling it’s over the hill
you should be running but you’re standing still
the guard is searching, night time will hide you from pain
but in the morning the spotlight reveals you again
they will find that your path leads to open terrain

they have accused you of breaking a law
you read the book and that’s not what you saw
it spells out clearly, you have a right to be free
that asylum is granted to those who must flee
and tomorrow is making tonight full with strain of the knowledge
your path leads to open terrain

you think you might have escaped in the night
but in the morning the guard has taken flight
now those agents are looking for you from the sky
they will hunt you until you are found or you die
and tomorrow delivers you into the hands of the guard
you are walking in open terrain

there was a time when the land stretched for miles
no fences or borders, gates or turnstiles . no checkpoint
your ancestors lived here, fought all their lives to be free
now their children’s grandchildren have nowhere to be
and we wonder why people see nothing to gain by compliance
our path leads to open terrain

repeating truth is a revolutionary act
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